Driving Defensively

How do you drive safe? We all know the basics - but what are steps to drive safer? There is your obvious steps such as, no texting, no eating or applying makeup, no headphones, no intoxication, and always putting on your seatbelt. If you are distracted while driving your focus on the road becomes second and in a blink of an eye you could be in an accident. However, being a defensive driver is one of the keys to driving safer. This can include having the correct pair of glasses, not driving while tried or turning the radio down. Knowing your surroundings saves lives. Reaction time and skills are also essential when it comes to driving. You may not be the person distracted on the road, but the person next to you might be. So, being aware of the distracted driver next to you can and will save your life. You never know the situation of people or vehicles on the road, life can be so unpredictable but knowing that you can get into the other lane or can suddenly break if you need to may be the difference between the truma of an accident or a sigh of relief.